Driving YouTube views with Pinterest

The never-ending search for fresh organic content that drives traffic and promotes brand awareness has led many small businesses to diversify the breadth of their content. One of the best marketing strategies for small business when attempting to diversify content is to use a variety of different media, including videos. Adding YouTube videos to your Pinterest page is a great way of creating a multichannel approach to social media marketing and driving up views and overall traffic.

“We look at Pinterest as a way to cultivate an audience that is actually going to click the links and get that initial burst of traffic to our YouTube channel,” Tahndi Campbell, digital brand and content manager of Lionsgate, told Mashable. “That’s going to send our video up in the search results, up in featured and suggested video. Then, it’s in front of a whole new audience on YouTube, even if we only drive 20 [Pinterest] people there who are highly engaged users.”

According to Social Media Examiner, adding YouTube videos to your Pinterest page can be easily accomplished. An important consideration is to ensure that the video and channel are both fully optimized and ready to take viewers to your opt-in pages. An unfriendly website or broken links could drive users away. Create a board specifically for your YouTube channel, so that users can search for niche channels. Make sure to optimize all the content, including keywords and tags, to be SEO-friendly.

Once that’s all set, simply pin the videos to your board and watch the traffic increase across both platforms. According to the news source, Pinterest is now among the top five websites to drive referrals, neck and neck with Twitter at 3.6 percent. This is an underrated tool for small business marketing managers to organically improve their traffic and awareness.


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