Does keyword length matter?

Lead generation marketing is important for many businesses. In the digital era, search engine marketing (SEM) is often used to target and identify specific leads. Professionals who engage in SEM influence purchases using various head keywords. In addition, almost every SEM professional knows head keywords generate volume and longtail keywords drive profit, but to understand volume and profitability, professionals need to take a deeper look at keyword length.

Search Engine Marketing conducted a study to discover if keyword length had any impact on volume and profit margin. The news outlet examined what percentage of impressions, clicks and conversions each keyword category generated to discover volume, and then analyzed the efficiency of each selection, as measured by click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate and transactions per 1,000 impressions.

The report found that keywords with between 11 and 15 characters generated the bulk of impressions, clicks and conversions, while selections with between 16 and 20 characters followed closely behind. The results were consistent with the adage that head keywords generate most of the volume (keywords with 11-15 characters) and longer options offer supplementary support. What’s more, nearly 60 percent of all impressions and clicks occur with 11-20 character keywords.

The study also showed that longtail keywords, selections with more than 20 characters, produce about 66 percent more profit than head keywords. The results further support the adage that longtail selections are used mainly to encourage action.

When you implement your next SEM campaign, make sure you understand the differences between longtail and head keywords. Each keyword choice can produce desirable professional gains, but length often determines where success will be noticed.

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