Do you understand today’s contemporary consumer?

The consumer dynamic is evolving, and it’s your job as a marketer to understand those changes and then implement action plans to embrace the new frontier. It’s hard to deny that the contemporary consumer isn’t well aware of your intentions as a business professional, whether you are merely spreading the word of your new product or aggressively selling it through direct marketing.

While you might understand how your lead generation marketing can help steer customers in the right direction, it is a whole other game to adjust their perspective on the messages you are communicating.

According to David Williams, CEO of Merkle and Forbes contributor, customer engagement requires an entirely new kind of marketing storytelling and a deep understanding of the platforms on which stories are told. Williams goes on to suggest that consumers tend to be more loyal to a media platform than to anything a brand might be saying or publishing through that channel.

If you take a second to internalize this idea, you may be able to relate. The chances of your social media followers being as involved through print media are rare, and that is important insight to have. It’s essential that, when you choose to deploy content onto a new platform, you create a unique experience. If you create a social media profile on Facebook but only post the same content already published on your website, there is no reason for readers to engage with both. Of course, there is value in maintaining a harmonious online presence, just make sure you put similar efforts into each avenue if you want to take advantage of new technologies.

If you are not prepared to live in a community that you’ve create for your customers, you aren’t ready to expand as a company. Make sure you are aware of the changes occurring in buyers today, as those evolutions could significantly alter how marketing and advertising are conducted.

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