Do “likes” mean anything for your small business?

As a business owner, you have likely allocated a certain portion of funding toward social media marketing. These marketing strategies for small business solutions can help grow your organization into a profitable and thriving leader in your field. In most instances, you probably start by creating a Facebook profile. This account can act as a liaison for your actual website, garnering organic traffic and driving those people to your site through clear calls to action.

Therefore, it may be worthwhile to evaluate the type of content you post to your profile in hopes of engaging with other users. You might want to increase the amount of “likes” you get per day, week, month or year, but are those interactions accurate indicators of your brand perception? Do the number of “likes” you receive lead to actual sales?

According to Pagemodo, approximately 60 percent of marketers measure success by the number of friends, followers or “likes” an account has earned. Additionally, 39 percent measure success by the number of people sharing, forwarding, retweeting or posting branded content.

An infographic from Get Satisfaction broke down the reasons people engage with social content even further. Nearly 36.9 percent of people follow a brand because they want access to special offers, and 32.9 percent interact with the brand because they are already customers. Through this research, it shows that social content may be more worthwhile in customer retention, rather than acquisition, and tailoring future posts as such may help make social sharing easier to implement and manage.

It’s important that, if you put your faith in Facebook, you understand how far posting content to your profile will get you. Improving your profit margins may require a different set a resources, but creating a better online community to support your brand is possible with a little strategy and use of social media.

Have you found that your Facebook “likes” lead to higher sales margins?