Interview with Amy Jo Martin – 2013 Digital Trends

At this year’s Blogworld New Media Expo (NMX), BLUE was fortunate to sit down with a group of influencers who’ve helped countless small businesses and brands navigate digital communication and champion successful strategies in social media and beyond.

In our first interview with Amy Jo Martin, CEO & Founder of Digital Royalty, Martin Jones, social lead for Cox Business talks with Amy Jo who provides her insight on what will count in 2013 for your business. Here are 5 takeaways.

1. Impressions may not convert, influence alway does. Believe in Return On Influence. It’s no longer a theory, but a proven strategy.

2. Time is a valuable commodity. Businesses should spend more time listening and evaluating where their audience engages so they can focus resources on the right platforms.

3. Always know your value. If you don’t, your first step is to identify it whether exclusive content or education. What and how you communicate your value sets the stage for all future communication.

4. Fatigue is growing among consumers. Strive for simplicity and convenience.

5. Social media is communication – it’s like talking on the phone. Find ways to humanize your brand, practice storytelling and commit to thinking differently.

You can see Amy Jo’s passion for storytelling in her New York Times Bestseller, Renegades Write the Rules, published this past October. She not only reveals the strategies behind the social media sensation of today’s top celebrities, brands, and sports icons that she helped build, but she also demonstrates how anyone (or any company) can build a loyal and lucrative digital influence.

Just like BLUE and many others, Digital Royalty recognizes the everlasting need for education no matter what size the business or what level the marketer. Digital Royalty University has achieved over 100 classes that educate, train and entertain.

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