Could Pinterest and Instagram lead the social commerce space?

Social media marketing can help brands target prospective buyers in a more personal manner. Instead of constructing rigid advertising campaigns that broadly promote products or services, professionals who embrace platforms like Pinterest and Instagram create media that translates into actual sales.

According to a new report released from SteelHouse, Pinterest users are far more likely to purchase products they discover on the site compared to users of other platforms like Facebook. The survey found that 79 percent of Pinterest members are more likely to purchase items that were pinned to the digital site, and 33 percent of active Facebook users indicated they would purchase goods advertised in a Facebook Ad, on their news feeds or the walls of other people.

The report from Steelhouse shows that consumers respond better to visually appealing websites. While Facebook offers its fair share of  visual elements, Pinterest’s business model revolves around graphics. With Instagram growing as a social platform, the question remains over whether the photo service will emerge as another successful social commerce resource.

Instagram, however, did take its first step toward more mainstream adoption. The social media site recently announced the unveiling of profile pages for web-based users. Instagramers can create their own accounts, view the profiles of other members, comment on photos, like pictures and search for additional content on the web. This update could encourage more marketers to implement Instagram into their lead generation marketing efforts.

Social media marketing continues to evolve as more platforms seize control of the web. With Pinterest and Instagram growing in influence and capability, other image-based options may be developed for platforms like Facebook and Twitter, which would further push digital marketing toward an aesthetically pleasing endeavor.

Business owners should plan lead generation strategies to take advantage of the activity happening on social media networks like Pinterest and Instagram.

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