Combining social media and marketing initiatives

Two of the most prevalent trends in the marketing industry today are becoming increasingly connected. The explosion of both social media networks and the ever-mobile American worker and consumer has led to a blurring of lines between these two potentially powerful marketing initiative, and increased the importance of effective mobile marketing strategies.

According to a report by eMarketer, nearly 82 million mobile phone users in the United States will use a social networking site on their phones at least once a month, representing a quarter of the total American population. An overwhelming 95.5 percent of these users will be utilizing a smartphone for their mobile social network endeavors, with a vast majority of these users opting for Facebook as their preferred social network to check while on-the-go.

What this means for marketers is that even more of their advertising should be targeted toward these users, with their itinerant lifestyles and shorter attention spans. According to Ad Age, a recent State of Marketing survey revealed that over the next 12 months, 34 percent of marketers plan on delivering mobile ads. This same survey also demonstrated the numerous challenges of mobile marketing that exist today. While a significant 85 percent of respondents agreed to the necessity of an integrated marketing suite, including a heavy focus on mobile marketing, only 21 percent currently include mobile marketing tactics as part of their overall campaign. Further demonstrating the close relationship between social media and mobile marketing, 23 percent plan to launch social-media ads through their mobile and web marketing campaigns.

The technical aspects of designing a high-quality and effective mobile advertising campaign can be extremely confusing to executives who specialize solely in advertising and marketing.  Companies are increasingly seeing the need to meld the two specialty areas into one co-existing branch of the firm, with ample collaboration between the disparate sides. The idea is that marketing people can delineate their broad ideas while IT administrators can share technical know-how and keep the marketing team grounded as to which campaigns are realistically possible.

According to Ad Age, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of most companies will end up spending more on IT than the Chief Information Officer (CIO) by 2017, indicative of the trend demonstrating the wedding between marketing and technology. Even more glaringly, 51 percent of respondents from the study who identified their companies as high-performing also believed that they had forged solid relationships between their marketing and IT departments. In order to truly tap into the vast potential of social media mobile marketing, firms should begin combining these two parts of their companies.

Chelsea Segal

Chelsea Segal

Chelsea Segal is the CEO of Targetwise. TARGETWISE empowers agencies, brands + marketers with results-oriented solutions that grow, nurture + maintain a social ecosphere.

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Chelsea Segal