Can social media support your brand and improve your ROI?

When it comes time to launch a new product, you turn to traditional verticals to help get the word out. However, in today’s increasingly social and mobile marketplace, it’s important for you to consider altering your future promotional approaches to adhere to emerging practices. It’s easy to categorize social and mobile strategies for small business operations as trends, but their collective successes seem to indicate they’ll both be around for a long time to come.

According to Booz Allen Hamilton, social commerce will be a $30 billion industry worldwide by 2015. This practice is defined as the use of social platforms to connect, engage and improve the shopping experience. While it may seem like social commerce is entirely different from mobile marketing, they are increasingly becoming one and the same.

Mobile consumers use their smartphones and tablet computers to access various snippets of information, especially their social profiles. Brands that recognize this opportunity to promote recently launched products and reaffirm marketing efforts through status updates on Facebook or stunning images posted to Pinterest may find themselves in favorable territory.

These avenues can be used to support and drive marketing strategies, especially if your professional team can develop truly unique campaigns. Of course, in order to take advantage of the intertwined existence of social and mobile, you need to start at the very beginning – optimizing your ecommerce site for mobile purchases. From there, you will be better positioned to begin posting unique and engaging pictures of your products, advertisements and brand to Pinterest, which can drive traffic to your mobile site, and capitalize on the spontaneous purchasing behaviors in many of today’s shoppers.

What ways have Pinterest and other social platforms influenced your branding?