Bing application for Windows 8 reimagines search

There are many ways to market your business on the web, and search engine optimization tips help you get there. However, Bing and Google – the two largest search engines today – have widely different views on the future of content marketing, and this is no more evident than in the Bing application unveiled for Windows 8.

The application was released last week, and its user experience is set to reimagine search altogether. According to the Bing Search Blog, the interface was redesigned from the ground up, incorporating gesture-friendly and eye-catching features. In this new app, results are listed in large, touch-friendly tiles, rather than a list of generic text-based links. Additionally, related searches and suggested phrases are built online using other tiles that scroll horizontally. The overall project converts text-rich web pages into moving pieces of art, which for some visual learners may be preferable.

When a search tile is tapped, Internet Explorer opens the SERP to the right of the listings. The link is side-by-side with the browser, so users can see immediately whether the page features the information they want, and if it doesn’t, they remain on the original SERP and can navigate to another destination.

What this does in terms of SEO and lead generation marketing is put additional emphasis on design and content. While in the past consumers were sent to a web page and marketers had a few seconds to convey promotional messages, with the Bing app the time allocated toward lead conversion is much shorter. Therefore, web designers and copywriters need to make sure what they post on their landing pages leave impressions with consumers from the initial interaction.

As a business owner, you need to make sure every aspect of your web presence leaves a resonating impact on your audience, or else you may find your struggles to increase as the internet becomes more complex.

Chelsea Segal

Chelsea Segal

Chelsea Segal is the CEO of Targetwise. TARGETWISE empowers agencies, brands + marketers with results-oriented solutions that grow, nurture + maintain a social ecosphere.

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Chelsea Segal