Before you implement PPC advertising, understand what works and what doesn’t

Lead generation marketing has come to resemble a lot of varying practices, and the use of each method can often lead to confusion in the workplace. If you are engaging in search engine marketing (SEM), you are attempting to drive traffic to your website, an affiliated ecommerce web page or to social media platforms. However, influencing your target audience can be difficult, especially with the extensive amount of content featured on the internet that may sway readers from engaging with your brand. Therefore, it may be worth your time to implement a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign to complement your other marketing efforts. However, a successful campaign requires some knowledge of how to conduct inbound marketing in today's evolving world, and these two steps are important factors to consider when you find yourself at the drawing board.

Do your homework
Before you start any advertising campaign, you'll need to do your homework. If you want to use PPC to generate leads and have the practice be profitable, you have to know what works and what does not work. The best way to gain preliminary knowledge of the promotional practice is by looking at what your competitors are doing. Are their PPC ads generating high traffic volumes? Are their banner posts compelling and well written? Are these companies posting their PPC ads on specific niche websites or commonly visited web pages like The answers to these questions can help you form a basic outline for your goals and the tips you'll take to achieve them.

Language needs to be persuasive
You only have a few seconds to grab consumer attention and convert them to a click. Therefore, you need to make sure the writing on your PPC ads is compelling and contains a call to action. In order to convince a person that clicking your promotions is worthwhile, use common marketing language that grabs the reader, informs him or her and drives him or her to investigate the offering further. Again, looking at your competition can help you find your tone of voice.

What PPC advertising practices have helped you generate more online traffic for your website?

Chelsea Segal

Chelsea Segal

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Chelsea Segal