Are you reaching your international audience?

In an increasingly global marketplace, businesses have to make sure their promotional efforts reach a diverse audience. When online marketing campaigns only speak to a domestic customer base, advertising initiatives neglect the purchasing power of many international consumers. The dismissal of global buyers can dampen outreach efforts, so professionals need to take a step back and consider how optimizing their web marketing campaigns for global search can have an impact on ROI and profit margins.

Marketing strategies for small business objectives often overlook the value in foreign consumers. This might be because English remains the most commonly used language online, but it still only represents just over a quarter of total usage. According to Internet World States, over the past decade the number of English speakers online has grown by over 300 percent. The uptick might seem significant, however, Spanish (807 percent), Chinese (1,479 percent) and Arabic (2,500 percent) have all seen more dramatic increases in popularity on the web. The growth rates of various languages outperform the growth in English usage, which may have reached a plateau.

This report comes at a time where U.S. mobile searches have quadrupled in the past year, and growth across the globe reflects similar trends. Google’s Head of Mobile Advertising Jason Spero cites recent statistics that support a surge in mobile search, but asks why marketers are running to embrace the technology more rapidly.

“Roughly one in seven searches, even in the smaller categories, are happening on a mobile phone, but how many of your are putting one seventh of your resources into mobile,” Spero said in a statement. “Your customer is trying to engage you…it would be like not doing business with your customers on Thursdays.”

With growth in local search inevitable, marketers must consider how their efforts appeal to international audiences. If services benefit people all over the world, and there is obvious demand in foreign markets, campaigns need to speak to those consumers in ways they can understand. Therefore, consider tailoring web content to adapt to whom it appeals to and where it is being accessed.

With the web helping businesses reach international consumers, marketing practices need to evolve to resonate with people, no matter their geographic location in the world. Optimizing web content to adapt to where it is being accessed isn’t just beneficial today, it’s necessary for success.

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