Are you familiar with native ads?

In the developing industry of marketing and advertising, new may not always be better, but native ads are testing that old adage. Native ads or “native advertising” places significance on integrating content, images and videos directly into a client’s website for seamless transitions. It is intended to take the place of more traditional marketing avenues such as banner ads, pop-ups, pre-roll, boxes, buttons and commercials.

According to Ad Age, early figures are looking good for native ads – Sponsored Stories, the cornerstone of Facebook’s revenue model, has a higher click-through rate than Facebook banners. In addition, Promoted Tweets are getting a click-through rate of 1 percent to 3 percent – much higher than the standard banner click-through rate which rests somewhere less than 0.5 percent.

With such dismal figures, many organizations are looking for the next best advertising method to capitalize on social networks and gain a foothold on the raging consumer market. Experts are finding that interruptions into consumers’ media and poor visual integration of marketing materials is no longer a viable branding strategy, claims Mashable.

Now, calls to action are placed directly into the materials readers are seeking to consume, whether they are articles, images or video. Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Gawker and WordPress offer native ads, reports the news source.

Branding your business no longer has to rely on traditional marketing efforts. The development of native ads and the positive reviews they are receiving from experts and consumers alike will promote the integration of these seamless marketing materials into everyday life. Target the appropriate audience with the content best suited to gaining customers’ attention – without negative interruptions.

Chelsea Segal

Chelsea Segal

Chelsea Segal is the CEO of Targetwise. TARGETWISE empowers agencies, brands + marketers with results-oriented solutions that grow, nurture + maintain a social ecosphere.

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Chelsea Segal