6 Easy, Low-Cost Ways to Increase Engagement on Facebook

Facebook. This mighty Hercules of social media is hard to ignore, especially after its highly publicized recent IPO. Thankfully, using Facebook <--!more--> to help your business grow doesn’t require a Herculean effort, especially if you embrace these two important words: Facebook freebie!
Few things are more effective at driving online traffic and increasing customer engagement than the almighty Facebook freebie. For small to mid-sized companies with limited resources, however, trying to attract new eyeballs with lavish promotions, discounts and giveaways may not be a viable option, especially in the long run.
But fear not. All it takes is a bit of time and effort (not to mention a dash of marketing ingenuity) to develop a successful, budget-friendly strategy that will secure the “likes” of many a Facebook user.
Here are six ways to attract and maintain the attention of Facebook users at little or no cost:
Offer Sneak Peeks – Boost future sales and reward their online loyalty with exclusive Facebook-only previews of upcoming product launches and special events – information that the general public won’t be privy to for weeks.
Unlock the Mystery – A behind-the-scenes glimpse into your company’s day-to-day operations – however mundane it might seem to insiders – is bound to pique customer interest. Here at my email marketing company, VerticalResponse, photos of our CEC (Chief Executive Canine), Dwight, always get tons of comments and likes; read more about this particular phenomenon on our blog post, “Do Kids and Puppies Rule?”

Up the Fun Factor – Challenge people to answer quirky trivia questions, or ask them to share photos of themselves enjoying your products or frequenting your business.
Find a Common Purpose – Does your company contribute to a worthy cause? Get the word out by linking your company’s philanthropic gifts to fan activity and pledging a donation that’s based on the number of “likes” accumulated within a certain time frame. You’ll be surprised at how generous people can be when it’s for a good cause.
Express Your Gratitude – Demonstrate how much you truly value your Facebook community’s input by acknowledging responses to status updates as well as comments – both the positive and the negative – on a timely basis.
Be (Reasonably) Generous – Of course, a freebie every so often usually gets people to emerge out of the woodwork. Try things that don’t cost a lot of money, like free schwag, product samples, coupons, etc. After all, a little generosity usually does go a long way!
Got any other surefire methods to engage Facebook users for next to nothing? Let us know!


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