5 Social PR Content Secrets From Jay Baer Wildfire Webinar

5 Social #PR Content Secrets From @JayBaer Wildfire Webinar

5 Social #PR Content Secrets From @JayBaer Wildfire Webinar

Three out of four B2B companies are creating Social PR content and many of them report doing it “because everyone else is doing it”, says Jay Baer, author of the upcoming book Youtility, at a Wildfire by Google-hosted webinar. Baer covered five important points:

1. Keep your business goals in mind when creating Social PR content

2. Think of your customer: Deliver the right content, to the right person, at the right time

3. You, you, you type PR content, Baer calls it Youtility – personalized content is most important to your customers.

4. Cross promote: Make a Social PR campaign for every piece of content.

5. Reward your brand advocates!


Baer pointed out that Social PR practitioners should realize that they are NOT in the eyeballs business. It’s not all about traffic and eyeballs. What?! That’s right, we are in the actio

n business. Unlike big media that exists solely to serve up content that will bring more eyeballs and sell more advertising, social brands should be in the business of generating attention that results in making or saving your brand money.

How is this achieved? Baer mapped out five simple steps:

1. Know why you are making content.

Do not pass go, do not collect $500, do not write a single character of content until you have matched your Social PR with business objectives. Your business objectives lead the way. Baer shared the stat that today three out of four B2B’s are now creating content. Why? For most of them the answer is: “because everyone else is doing it.” Make sure your content is achieving your business objectives, not your content objectives. Put every content idea you have through the funnel below to make sure it passes muster.

2. Map content to the buyer’s journey

Baer, referencing Google’s Zero Moment of Truth, pointed out that customers in 2011 sought out an average of 5.3 sources of information prior to making a purchase decision, by 2012 that number had soared to 10.4! Why the increase? Baer theorizes that we need more information now because we have more information. Smartphones have put the world in our back pockets. You need to make sure you are one of the 10.4. How? by providing:

  • The right content

  • To the right personAt the right time

Baer warns “Don’t be that 19-year-old dude.” You are not likely to close the deal on the first date. Look at your content as PROCESS NOT A PROJECT.

 3. Create You-tility!

If you help someone when they need it you will have a customer for life. Remember your content is not appearing on TV next to other marketers messages, it’s appearing in their Facebook feed next to their best friend’s baby photos. It better be meaningful, or better yet, useful. Baer offered a great example in Columbia Sportswear’s What Knot to Do; an iPhone app loaded with 70 beautifully animated how-to’s on knot tying (and Columbia doesn’t even sell rope)! You can bet this content is of great value to Columbia’s outdoor enthusiasts customers. Value = Brand Love!

4. You need to publicize your marketing

“Making the content is not enough,” says Baer. “You need a marketing plan for every piece of content you create.” This is where that social media gasoline comes in. Got a blog? Make sure you announce each new entry on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and so on. Use social to drive awareness to your great content or sit back and watch it die on the vine! Got a new Pinterest board tweet about it and

 invite contributors to pin. Why should everybody else share your content if you don’t know how to share it yourself?

5. Seed your success with your brand advocates.

Show some love to your advocates and evangelists (and to your employees)! The best audience for your content is your existing customers. Give your loyalists something in return. Share exclusive content with them first. Remember social is about other people sharing your stuff and customer retention is still money in the bank!

Jay Baer (@jaybaer), President of Convince & Convert.com and author of the upcoming Youtility,  presented the Wildfire by Google-hosted webinar on “how to earn customer love with social and content” and was joined by Maya Grinberg (@papayamaya), Wildfire’s Chief Evangelist and Social Media Manager.

If you are looking to learn more about how to get more publicity using social media and SEO, sign up to learn about my book:  Social PR Secrets.


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