4 tips to creating and using a LinkedIn account

It’s all about who you know in today’s professional world, and social media makes it easier for you to remain in contact with your connections. Branding your business can help you reach new markets, but don’t forget about your personal image – it can always attract like-minded professionals. In fact, LinkedIn helps you tackle this obstacle by giving you a platform where you can advertise your best skills and create interactive communities that include your peers from everywhere you’ve been and worked. Currently, LinkedIn is the world’s largest B2B social network with over 150 million active users. So how can you benefit from this critical resource? The answers may be easier than you thought.

Here are four tips to creating and using LinkedIn effectively.

1.) Create it, and they will come – First of all, you need a LinkedIn account if you want to benefit from its reach. Create a profile with a professional picture, either a high-resolution headshot or a candidate photograph of you in action. Also, keep in mind that delivering a friendly composure in social media can help attract an audience.

2.) Fill out the sections – You may want to go through each section on LinkedIn quickly, so you can get your account up online, but make sure you fill sections out completely, or else it won’t be resourceful for other users. The summary, job descriptions, blog content and all other sections should all be filled out.

3.) Connect – In thinking of who to connect with, go through your other social media accounts, email lists and your college friends. These people can offer their own resources to your account, and you might find you have common connections with users you never knew about before.

4.) Commit to the network – After you have connected with users and have met some new people, commit to providing each person with high-quality content. If you don’t update your account, users won’t want to remain associated with your profile or agree to work with you in the future.

LinkedIn can help you develop your own brand, which can lead to greater professional opportunities. Make sure you are an active member of this B2B social network, as it is paramount to increasing your offline connections.