2 considerations that will impact your mobile search efforts

Recently, YP.com released its Local Insights Digital Report for the third quarter of 2012. The company’s research, which spans 2 billion searches annually by 11 million mobile unique consumers per month, provides insight on growing trends in mobile search. According to YP.com’s report, restaurants, financial services and beauty services are some of the most searched business categories by mobile users. However, outdoor recreation, landscape and lawn services and home and garden organizations saw the fastest growth from Q1 to Q2 during 2012.

Business owners might look at mobile search marketing as just a phase, but the practice is an effective lead generation marketing method that must be considered. In fact, mobile search has the potential to alter the face of search marketing altogether, and implementing steps to adhere to new trends is essential for greater online exposure.

Here are two tips to consider when optimizing web content for mobile search.

1.) Budget accordingly – Business owners need to, from the start, create two separate budgets for mobile search marketing and desktop optimization. The two efforts vary greatly, and departments need a comparable amount of resources and tools for each practice. If a company lumps the two marketing initiatives into one category, neither campaign will come out looking its best.

2.) Two platforms, two types of ads – In addition to allocating funds for each marketing endeavor, business owners must direct their employees to develop separate advertisements for each vertical. Mobile screens are much smaller than desktop computers, and mobile searches often feature shorter keywords. Therefore, paid ads should be optimized using concise language, and mobile content needs to be short and to the point.

Make sure as much effort is put toward mobile marketing as other online promotional campaigns.

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