The Financial Times has more digital subscriptions than print

Today, many more businesses are switching from print to digital publications. Recently, The Financial Times announced that it has reached 600,000 subscribers, which marks the highest point in its 125-year history, according to Mashable. Additionally, the milestone was achieved primarily through digital subscriptions, an option that has surpassed print for the first time.

There are currently 300,000 digital subscriptions for, an uptick of 31 percent from the first half of 2011, the news source reports. Additionally, corporate licenses grew at an even faster rate, increasing by 40 percent to 2,300, and registered users at the site also rose 29 percent to 4.8 million.

What’s more, a little over 2 million people visit on an average day, and 25 percent of those visitors access content via mobile devices. This is a significant evolution in customer engagement and symbolizes the overall industry transition from print media to more popular digital options. In fact, the FT web app now has approximately 2.7 million active users.

It is important for business owners to keep abreast of changes in various industries, including print media. For many years, the preferred marketing resource was print and, while it remains a relevant and useful tool, it simply does not produce the return on investment it once did. Therefore, it may be worthwhile to use print when it feels appropriate, but also transition marketing efforts to digital media outlets to reach wider demographics.

With much of the world using digital services for lead generation marketing it can be difficult for business owners to understand which methods are useful and which are overhyped. The best way to determine which avenue and channel is right is through trial and error, and professionals should not be afraid to experiment in today’s ever-changing landscape.