SEOmoz bolsters its offerings with software acquisition

Recently, social media and search engine optimization (SEO) have become more integral to online branding and advertising. There are several search engine optimization tips that business professionals embrace in their attempts to increase online visibility, and in some cases those tips involve embracing innovative software.

Fortunately, SEOmoz, a search and social optimization software firm, has purchased Followerwonk, a Twitter search, discover and analysis company, to help online marketers improve their analytics and targeting. As of August 2012, Followerwonk is now fully integrated and available to SEOmoz Pro members.

The third-party Twitter application allows users to search the social network and sort, filter and export their findings. In addition, marketers would be able to compare users side-by-side to understand the type of materials that might resonate with each respective consumer. Followerwonk makes it easier for users to segment their target audiences online, and promote specific products or services to them through social media.

The acquisition took place back in June 2012, but SEOmoz founder Rand Fishkin only announced the deal after the program was fully integrated and Followerwonk’s infrastructure upgraded. According to Fishkin, the deal was worth between $1 and $4 million, but he said he could not be more specific due to clauses outlined in the transaction. Followerwonk should slowly make its way into the traditional layout of SEOmoz services.

“For the next six to nine months, expect to see Followerwonk exist as its own product, separate from SEOmoz (though connected to your PRO account),” Fishkin wrote on the official SEOmoz blog. “In the further future, we’ll likely be doing more work to bake the products together and present a unified analytics experience.”

If you market heavily on Twitter, you might want to consider how these resources can help you better understand the market you speak to online.

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