How to effectively use Twitter to build brand awareness

Social media has become the backbone of many companies’ online marketing plans, as Facebook can sometimes be too general for specifically targeted content. Twitter incorporates hashtags and labels to pinpoint keywords and concise messages, and allows for hyperlinking to additional multimedia like slideshows and pictures.

Every small business should have a Twitter account that is updated at least twice a day, and this is especially true for startups trying to build brand awareness amongst a unique customer base. If you are unsure how to begin branding your business through Twitter, consider some of the following tips.

Tweet information and content regularly
The golden rule of the internet is that the more regularly a website or page is updated, the more traffic will gravitate toward it. Lead generation marketing is all about converting the highest percentage of customers – the more traffic you have, the higher the potential for lead conversion, simply due to more people reading your content.

Therefore, you should always strive to make a Twitter post at least twice a day. It could be about anything related to your professional field, even something like a short reaction to a breaking news story. However, you should try to limit personal opinions, because remember, this is your “corporate” Twitter account, not your own personal venting site. The best Tweets are links to additional content combined with hashtags and keywords.

As you can only post tweets of 140 characters or less, you might feel it is impossible to get a lengthy marketing objective across to a target audience. However, this is not necessarily true – site like can shorten any website URL into a phase that will easily fit inside the Twitter window. This way, you can link to a relevant article you found in the New York Times, or even a newsletter that you run on your own website.

Keywords and hashtags
Twitter categorizes user tweets through hashtags, which are phrases consisting of a keyword preceded by the pound sign. If a similar hashtag is repeated over and over again by enough users, it will be designated as “trending” and show up underneath that subheading on the main page. You can cheat a little bit here – at the beginning of the day, look at some trending keywords and hashtags and then try to incorporate a few into your own Tweets. Something as simple as a few words could project your brand to millions of interested customers.

Are you effectively using Twitter to build brand awareness?

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