We all have ideas, but translating those ideas into something tangible – a product or a service – is what separates doers from thinkers. CoxBlue provides insightful articles, videos, and guides that help startups cut through the noise, and get just the information they need to grow their business.


Anyone can become an entrepreneur

If you have an idea for a small business, it can be difficult to get off the ground, hatching a plan and executing it from start to finish. There are many intermediate steps between the moment inspiration first strikes and the point where you can actually begin marketing your business.

The art of networking

The business world can sometimes feel like a cut-throat environment, which often leads small business owners to believe that they have to always be on guard against potential competitors.

3 tips for growing B2B businesses

There is a great deal of attention devoted to marketing strategies for small businesses trying to attract consumers, but there is a relative dearth of information for companies hoping to market their products and services to other businesses.