Are you managing your time on social media well?

In the modern business world, time is as valuable as money. As a result, small or medium business owners aiming to improve lead generation marketing efforts should consider how they divide their time up. Designating hours to a marketing strategy may seem like enough, but how often can side jobs or new ideas interrupt the process?

According to Mashable, one in four small business owners claim they would pay $500 for an extra hour each day. This need for another 60 minutes in the work day may suggest a larger issue at hand.

For many professionals, finding the time to complete projects and check off everything on their to-do list is a challenge. Consequently, a small business owner can use a number of strategies to facilitate the creation of organized marketing materials. Small business owners may find it a struggle to know how best to devote time to social media marketing efforts. Not only is the advertising concept newer than many more of the traditional ventures, but it also lends itself to owners looking to tackle the project themselves instead of hiring out to a third party. In addition, the tangled web of social media can sometimes promote a scattered approach.

For small business owners seeking to manage their time on social media for a more effective approach, there are a number of steps to take. Begin by scheduling a social media time. Use your websites and social media analytics application to identify the time of day your customers typically engage the brand and try to deliver messages during this window of time. If there are conflicts of interest, such as a meeting or delivery schedule, consider using a social media management tool such as HootSuite to schedule Tweets and Facebook posts to release during a set time during the day. These and other tools will allow a small business owner to arrange strategic social media use without negatively impacting other responsibilities.